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Adaptive Practice

Practice smart with questions created for your unique needs

Solve unique practice questions to achieve your goals

Toppr analyses your strengths and weaknesses and then suggests questions. With Toppr, you will practice questions that are right for your learning needs. You will be able to learn better when your practice is made perfectly for you.

Choose question sets based on difficulty

Choose from a set of easy, medium, or difficult questions based on your understanding of a topic. Toppr has chapter-wise question sets based on difficulty, for every stage of your preparation.

Take a crash course and practice the way you want

Customise your crash course at the click of a button. Instead of flipping through multiple reference books for questions of your choice, start practising the way you want on Toppr.

Learn better and master your concepts with Adaptive Practice

Practice smart questions personalised for you. The right questions asked at the right time help you achieve your unique learning goals. They ensure that you master all concepts with adaptive practice. With Toppr, you don’t have to worry about your practice anymore.

Our students and parents love us!

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