Engineering, Agriculture and Medical Common Entrance Test (EAMCET) is conducted by JNTU Kakinada on behalf of APSCHE (AP EAMCET) and by JNTU Hyderabad on behalf of TSCHE (TS EAMCET). This examination is a prerequisite for admission into various professional courses offered by Universities/ Private Colleges in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Yes, it’s a long road ahead and a lot of work to put in. But, as they say, “Work smart, not hard”. We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks that you may take a look at to maximize your time and effort utilization.

Exam preparation strategy:

  1. Evaluate yourself: The first step towards success in any field is self-evaluation. For competitive examinations, it means to identify and analyze your strengths and weaknesses by solving sample papers and taking mock tests. You might realize that you’re weak in a few topics or maybe an entire subject. It’s tempting to live in denial and leave the weak subject for tomorrow and study your favorite subject right now, but don’t give in to that temptation. Read up the syllabus and find out how important those topics really are and work towards improving your performance at them.
  2. Stick to a schedule: A daily study plan is essential for success in competitive examinations; because, if you’re not practicing, be assured that your competitor surely is. Before you sleep at night, you should have your next day mapped out – the topics you need to study, revise and the questions you need to solve. Practice this for a few days and you’ll eventually make it a habit. It’s not as difficult as it sounds.
  3. Know thy enemy: Be completely aware of the examination pattern, syllabus and dates to avoid surprises on the D-Day. The exact syllabus, dates and eligibility criteria for EAMCET can be found here. Here are the important dates for AP EAMCET 2018 and TS EAMCET.
  4. Solve old question papers: Solving test papers asked in the previous years helps you develops the right mindset for the examination. It gives you an idea about how you should manage your time across different questions and sections. Also, you get an idea about the level of difficulty and hence can tune your preparation accordingly. You can find some previous question papers here.
  5. Order of solving problems: During an examination, it is advisable to first attempt the subject you’re most confident in. This ensures that you quickly go through this part of the question paper quickly, and you have enough time to attempt the other two subjects.
  6. Watch the clock (Pro tip): A handy tip, is to spend 45 minutes on each subject. You can solve easy questions in this duration, and mark the difficult but doable ones. This also leaves you with 45 extra minutes to spend on the questions that you had marked previously. Note: Keep in mind, that this technique is useful only if practiced thoroughly by solving enough sample papers in a timed environment.
  7. Beyond Studies: It is important to study hard and spend few hours daily on preparation. But keep an hour or a half in your daily timetable to unwind yourself. Any kind of physical exercise is highly recommended. Food is also a very important aspect that needs to be taken care of when preparing for entrance examinations. Stay away from fried, fatty and high sugar foods and eat more of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The tips given above can help you find the right direction to successfully crack EAMCET. But hey, success is more like a vector. It needs both direction and magnitude. Your “magnitude” here, would be hard work and perseverance.

So all the best for your examinations, and may the force be with you!


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